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ISO Certified We employ best practices in business.

Worldwide Clients We have clients around the world.

18 Years In business since 1992, so we know what to do and how.

Client Testimonials

"We are very satisfied with Sanva Auto's work. Doing business with them is actually an enjoyable thing.

From CO2 wires to Crca Sheets, we get every thing of Industrial quality.

We recommend them for your business."

- Piaggio


Following are some of the equipments used in Sanva Auto.

Sr. No. M/C Capacity Make Bed Size
1 800T ERFURT 4000x2500
2 315T AMETEEP 2300x1350
3 250T Sudshank 1225x1600
4 160T - 750x1050
5 150T BARMAC 750x1050
6 100T SONAR 560x900
7 80T SONAR (Press Bake) 205x2550
8 50T A BARMACA 450x710
9 50T B SONAR 450x710
10 50T C BURMAN 510x760
11 50T D SONAR 450x710
12 40T A Sulshank 165x2050
13 40T B Sulshank 155x1640
14 30T BURMAN 415x635
15 CNG Press Brake Promecam 60x2050

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