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For every work

ISO Certified We employ best practices in business.

Worldwide Clients We have clients around the world.

18 Years In business since 1992, so we know what to do and how.

Client Testimonials

"We are very satisfied with Sanva Auto's work. Doing business with them is actually an enjoyable thing.

From CO2 wires to Crca Sheets, we get every thing of Industrial quality.

We recommend them for your business."

- Piaggio

Factory Address

A-29, A-32, A-39, F-32, M. I. D. C. Baramati - 413 133, MH (INDIA)

Press Components & Assembly Solutions

We are globally recongnized auto press shop and assembly. Our main focus is on delivering quality products within given time frame. We specialize in getting things done quickly and professionally.

Our specialized products include Electrical Cables & Wires, Hardware Fittings, Industrial & Medical Gases, Measuring Instruments, Sheet Metal Components.

State-of-the-art Press Shop

Our press shop facility, located in Baramati, has industry standard state-of-the-art equipments for giving you the quality products.

Best practices, QA control, and products.

We'll serve you, no matter from where you are.

Vast experience results in quick product delivery.

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